Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scripts - dos and don'ts

Scripts are a necessary evil... not as something to read from but as something to build the foundation of a conversation. We like to think of a script outline rather than a script. It gives you an idea of the direction you'd like a conversation to take. But, as was well put in the article attached, it's vital that you be having a conversation, not reading.

In any conversation, the twists and turns taken are essential to follow. You can't just bull-doze your way or you'll lose any hope of being heard. If you listen and really hear and are curious about the person you are talking with, chances are, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of their needs, and when you feel you have something to present that is really a fit, or even just points to clarify, chances are much higher you will also be heard. (An important distinction - You are not just waiting for them to stop talking so you can present your idea - that isn't a conversation either!) And so, the script falls by the wayside as soon as the conversation starts. It can help you get back on track but it will only be effective if it still flows.