Thursday, July 29, 2010

Call to Action

Epiphany moment... the call to action we would recommend for any marketing materials works for any communication. Who knew. Think about managing people. If you don't give them a specific action item to work on, what did any of your feedback offer them. Do they really know what you've asked them to change if you haven't made it crystal clear? Communication with clients has the same challenge. If you send an email with a wealth of information, but there isn't a clear question or request for a specific action, what do you think will happen? When you look at your marketing, certainly you want to consider what steps might occur from your communication there.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Over time, we've determined a structure for calls that has been particularly effective for prospecting. The key is to use it consistently. Our plan is to call, mail or email and then call again in a relatively short period of time. Then if there is no response you push out the call activity a few months. If there is too much time between contact, the prospect won't develop the recognition for your product/service name and message. If you contact too much you come across as irritating, definitely not the first impression you want to make. Find some balance and then follow it every time.

Friday, July 23, 2010


We've been talking a substantial amount of late about being curious about a client situation - if we understand their needs, we have a high potential to actually offer them something useful. As sales individuals, we have a goal, to introduce our products and services, but to offer value to our clients, we really need to understand them first. Otherwise, we're just an informercial screaming in their face. Make sure you know what the person you are talking with needs before you offer them anything!